A Short Biography: A Life of Adventure

Hello, and thanks for taking the time to stop by my website. I am a Writer and Publisher with an incurable appetite for exploration and an insatiable thirst for adventure. Throughout my life, I have enjoyed diverse interests and pursued experiences, career paths, and professions accordingly. Some more successful than others. That is the very nature of living life and adventuring to the fullest, I think.



Violins and Wilderness

When I was young, I found two things that I loved, classical music (especially the violin) and the great outdoors. I asked my mom for a violin when I was eight years old and began taking lessons and playing. By the age of twelve, I was proficient enough to play in the San Jose Youth Symphony as well as several other orchestras.
Paralleling my foray into the world of classical music, was the beginnings of my love affair with the great outdoors, particularly the mountains. Through countless excursions with family and friends, I began to explore, experience, and learn about nature, the outdoors, and what it meant to be part of this place we call wilderness. I found both my vocation and passion there, and by seventeen I became a multi-disciplined Outdoor Guide.

Outdoor Guide

For over 30 years, I have had the good fortune to be able to guide, lead, and teach rock climbing & mountaineering, white water rafting, backpacking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and winter camping. In the water realm, I’ve worked as a divemaster, rescue diver, and a water safety & survival instructor. Also, I’ve participated in and helped teach wilderness search & rescue as well as basic outdoor survival.


I have enjoyed a fulfilling career developing programs, lead trips, and teaching classes for the United States Military, The Sierra Club, Boy Scouts of America, various juvenile diversion programs, probation departments, church organizations, numerous adult and youth groups, in addition to hundreds of private parties.

Notable Adventures

• I had the opportunity to work as a focus puller and film changer for the renowned climber, nature photographer, and writer Galen Rowell during a shoot he was doing in the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, Owens Valley, and White Mountain Peak areas of California for National Geographic. Galen and I went on to climb a few times in both the Sierras and Yosemite Valley.
• I also worked as divemaster and shell collector for a marine biologist with the Smithsonian Institution, while living in Okinawa, Japan, during the early 1980s. Somewhere in the natural history archives are a few shells with my name on them.

• Later, while living in Hawaii, I pursued another childhood interest, flying. I was eventually certified to operate a Cessna 150, 152, and 172, and enjoyed island hopping from time to time.

Around the World

At the core of all this adventuring is travel (I must confess, I am a vagabond by nature. But that is probably self-evident by now). I’ve been to places as diverse as Alaska, Aruba, and the Arab Emirates. And fortunate to have lived in some interesting and unique locations for a few years including Japan and Hawaii. I love to explore new areas, experience life in other cultures, meet people and make new friends – some temporal, and some lasting.


These days, if I am not at my desking tapping out an article, out on a wilderness trip somewhere, or climbing, you will probably find me casting a fly on some high-country stream, geocaching, or running a trail training for a race.


Being a writer allows me the opportunity to bring together my life experiences, skills, and interests, and share them with others. There is always something new to learn and fresh to write. Writing never grows old!